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Casino War Questions

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The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Casino War

Casino war is a very popular game. However, people have a lot of questions regarding the game. We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about casino war.

What Is Casino War?
This is the easiest card game in a casino. Aces are ranked highest in this game. Rest of the cards is counted on their poker value.

How to play the game?
Casino war is played with six card decks. First the players submit their individual wager. Then the dealer and the player get one card each. The card of each player is compared with the dealer. If the players card values higher than the dealer, then he/she wins. Otherwise the dealer wins.

What happens in the case of a tie?
If the player and dealer have same card values then it is called Tie. The player gets two options, either surrender and give up half of the bet or continue playing. If the player opts to continue, it is called war. This is the most interesting part about casino war.

What happens if the player goes to war?
If a player opts for war after the tie, the player must hike the bet amount to double the initial wager. The dealer follows the same. The dealer then burns three cards and distributes two new cards, one for the player and another for himself. Now the two cards are again compared. If the player betters or equals the dealer, the player wins. And the game continues. Otherwise the player loses both bets.