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Sic Bo Playing Tips

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Do's and Don’t s Playing Sic Bo

Sic Bo is game from ancient China. Three dice are used for playing Sic Bo. Each dice has six sides and in each side symbols are imprinted. No side matches the other side. Dice are rolled and the winner is announced instantly.

Playing Sic Bo is very simple. There are numerous bets available in Sic Bo. Players place their bets. On a designated place all bets are placed. Players or the dealer places the chips on the layout at a certain position. The position shows the variant of the wager. Now each player is responsible for the positioning of the chip. After the bet calls the dealer shakes the dice in a container and rolls it on a table. When the dice stops rolling and each dice show a symbol, the dealer announces numeric values for the symbols. The values are entered in a machine. Taking all symbols from all 3 faces together a combination is produced. If it matches with the bet then the winner is announced.

As you can see the game is so easy to understand you can be overconfident. But there are still some tidbits you should learn for your safety. The do’s and don’ts while playing Sic Bo is given here:

  1. Take responsibility of wager: Always be responsible to the placed bet. Either you place the chip or the dealer places it for you. It is always your bet in any case.
  2. Stick to odds: It is a game of chance. So always stick to odds, either small or big.