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Red Dog Strategies

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Red Dog Table

Red Dog table

  1. If spread is 7 or higher, the chance of winning is high.
  2. In this case player should raise. In all other cases player should call.

Red Dog Strategies

The following table shows the net return per unit bet on various spreads, assuming a six deck game. As you can see only spreads of seven or more are favorable. Thus the player should only raise on spreads of 7 or more, which is true regardless of the number of decks used.

Expected Gain by Raising
Spread Pays Probability of winning Player's edge
1 5 0.077419 -0.535484
2 4 0.154839 -0.225806
3 2 0.232258 -0.303226
4 1 0.309677 -0.380645
5 1 0.387097 -0.225806
6 1 0.464516 -0.070968
7 1 0.541935 0.083871
8 1 0.619355 0.238710
9 1 0.696774 0.393548
10 1 0.774194 0.548387
11 1 0.851613 0.703226

House Edge
The following table displays the house edge and element of risk according to the number of decks used.

House Edge in Red Dog
Number of Decks House Edge Element of Risk
1 3.155% 2.672%
2 3.077% 2.609%
4 2.884% 2.447%
6 2.798% 2.375%
8 2.751% 2.335%

Most online casinos offer 1 deck Red Dog, Download Series have selected some casinos that give the oppurtunity to select the number of decks:

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