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Maximaal Beschikbare Bonus 200.00
PartyBingo offers a lot of Bingo games, slots, video poker and Keno.
Try your Bingo luck and win a Cruise package for the Bingo Cruise (World Championship Bingo Tournament) !
PartyBingoCasino info

Bonus Voorwaarden

You can earn Bonus Buck's in any number of ways: by opening a new account and making a deposit, by all subsequent deposits, by introducing your friends to PartyBingo , by winning contests or simply by being in chat and playing our special games. Use this free money just like cash to buy cards and have fun. You cannot withdraw it, but you sure can use it to win real cash.BB (Bonus Bucks) policy

In order to ensure that our generous Bonus Bucks policy is not abused to the detriment of the vast majority of honest players, any player choosing to withdraw all or part of their first cash deposit will forfeit all BB's issued as first deposit bonus.
This policy will not be enforced if either:

a. Player makes subsequent deposits, in which case these amounts may be withdrawn as per our withdrawal policy, or
b. player wins a game prize or jackpot, in which case the prize or jackpot amount may be withdrawn as per our standard withdrawal policy guidelines.

Furthermore, in order to prevent abuse of our normal deposit bonus and special deposit incentives, players will be required to complete an "acceptable" amount of gaming activity before being eligible to request a cash-out of any deposit within 30 days of making such deposit. Our accounts team will be the final arbitrator of what constitutes "acceptable" gaming activity on a case by case basis. Failure to abide by this policy will result in the immediate cancellation of all BB's issued in conjunction with the deposit/s in dispute.

Please note: This policy will not restrict any player from withdrawing legitimate winnings or deposits. It is merely a means to ensure that Bonus Bucks abusers will not be allowed to abuse the rights and privileges associated with our generous BB policy to the detriment of the vast majority of honest players.

Withdrawal policy

Withdrawals will be limited to a maximum two cashouts per seven day period.
This rule is enforced to prevent abuse of our Bonus Bucks deposit policy.

Deposit policy

Deposits limited to a maximum $500 per day with a maximum limit of $2000 per player per month. Players wishing to exceed this limit should be prepared to supply our accounts office with a copy of a valid ID document.